About Deben

Deben aims to close this gap by making blockchain and cryptocurrency more accessible to underdeveloped countries and unbanked population.

How It Works?

Deben aims to provide set of tools and build a network to enable users to crypto technologies and financial freedom without any crypto knowledge; making it appealing to users in third world countries with low education level.

Crypto Mobile POS

Enable sellers with low education level to easily accept crypto-payment and settle in local currency.


Enable workers to send money crossboarder with less friction without any crypto knowledge.

Credit Score

Build credit score for unbanked based on their purchase and transactions history.

Mobile App Coming soon...

Whether your a Crypto enthusiast, or just want ease of change of monetary value; Deben has the right solution for you to get you connected to a modern world of decentralised financial services.

  • Easily Accept Payment

    Accept crypto payment and receive money in your local currency without any crypto knowledge.

  • Send Money Anywhere

    Send money to any person, anywhere. Fast and easy.

  • Join Deben Network

    Join Deben Network and make money by facilitating payments.